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Product from Germany  
Barriers MIB 30 -Maximum boom length 3500 mm -Opening time 1,4 s
-Closing time 1,4 s
Barriers MIB 40 -Max. boom length 6000 mm
-Opening time approx. 4 s
-Closing time approx. 4 s
Barriers MTS 6 -Max. boom length 8000 mm
-pening time approx. 6 s
-Closing time approx. 6 s
  Barriers MTS 8 -Max. boom length 10000 mm
-Opening time approx. 9 s
-Closing time approx. 9 s

Loop Detecter

MID 1 E - 800

The microprocessor-controlled, single channel
MID detector can detect vehicles without
contact. Via the connected induction loop
all sorts of metallic vehicles like cars, trucks,
buses, fork lifts and even bicycles are
easily detected.
Product from Malaysia  
BS-128 ExEN Barrier Gate
BS-128 is a heavy-duty electro-mechanical barrier meant for control of vehicle traffic
flow. It is the most rapid and efficient method of managing access in residential,
commercial and industrial car park. Many features have been incorporated to provide a
safe, reliable and easily operated system for outdoor as well as indoor use.
BG 600 BG 600 is a heavy duty electro-mechanical barrier system designed for traffic flow management, Rapid & efficient operation, Residential, commercial or industrial applications, Available in 24 VDC specification. Available with up to 6 m boom. Simple interface to variety of Access Control Systems

Standard Features

- Battery back
- Solar & 24VDC
- Heavy duty for 24hr continous use
- Auto close on adjustable timer
- Simple interface for proximity cards & loop detectors
- Articulated arm avaliable
- 1 year parts warranty
- key release for manual operation
- Proven reliability

เครื่องอ่านบัตรระยะไกล Long range hand free vehicle access control system

ELPR "Licence Plate Recognition System"

Main Features of ELPR
95% recognition of all number plates which are in four cameras view simultaneously. Data Base storage of all recognised licence plates and car images. Flexible system set up and options tuning.
Gates, traffic lights and any access device control options. Friendly Microsoft Windows interface.


Proximity 125 KHz Long Rage 90 -130 cm.Reader

LongRang (Hand Free System)

60cm., 3M.and 6M. RFID Long Range Proximity Card Reade
-Built-in Beeper sound
-433.9MHz type reading RFID hand free card for controlling 120? angle direction
-Interface RS485, RS232C, Wiegand
-Weather resistant and water proof
-Reading range 6 meters
-Dimensions:270(L)x270(W)x39(H) mm


ON-Line / OFF Line Access Control System "Proximity,Magnetic,Mifare Reader"




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